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BlueZoom for coaching, mentoring and sales improvement
We don’t believe that prescriptive sales training in isolation is effective: all too often the result is the return of comfortable and well-used sales patterns and behaviours that do not have the desired impact on sales results.

Our flexible and holistic approach involves a dynamic mix of process improvement, coaching and ongoing individual development. We take the lead in a pragmatic way ensuring that each sales improvement initiative or mentoring programme is tailored for our client’s own specific business needs. The key is equipping the whole sales team with the right tools for their business and working with them to ensure effective execution in every sales situation.

At BlueZoom, we are experienced sales practitioners, having been in front line sales and leadership roles. We understand and are adept at focusing on your key sales issues, identifying those areas that are likely to provide a genuine, sustainable return. These include:

  • Improved Win/Loss Ratio
  • Less time ‘wasted’ on poor prospects
  • Less reliance on discounts
  • Shorter Sales Cycle
  • Improved levels of key sales activities

Whatever the size and shape of your organisation, you can be confident that we have seen its like before, faced significant sales issues and implemented the required sales improvement to deliver against some very challenging business targets.

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