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Below are the latest selection of comments from our ever growing client base.

Aberdeen Murray Johnstone Logo
"As Private Equity investors, we are always looking for ways in which our portfolio companies can perform better across all business functions. We have a track record of improving business performance in purchasing and operations, and now, not before time, we are also focussing on selling. BlueZoom have an extremely effective methodology in assessing the capabilities of a sales team, and working with them (up-skilling through appropriate training and performance enhancing selling tools) to create a framework to maximise the revenue line. They are becoming an invaluable resource across our portfolio."

Harry Jeavons-Fellows, Leader of Birmingham Office for Aberdeen Murray Johnstone Private Equity

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North West Equity Fund
Our first exposure to BlueZoom was a training course in the summer of 2004 which helped improve our ability to understand more of the sales issues faced by the business we invest in. Having understood what they could do and faced with the consistent importance of the top line revenues to nearly all of the businesses we work with, we subsequently asked them to carry out Sales Due Diligence on a number of investments we were considering. The results proved amongst the most important we have had in terms of understanding the genuine likelihood of businesses to deliver their forecasted revenues.

At NWEF we are particularly focused on what happens post investment and how we help the businesses in our portfolio achieve their aims and objectives. BlueZoom’s emphasis on how to close the sales gaps they find,  rather than simply identifying them,  makes a refreshing change to much of the due diligence work we have seen and fits with our approach extremely well.

John Hardcastle, Fund Principal, North West Equity Fund

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Affinity Healthcare logo
“We were first introduced to BlueZoom back in November 2003 when we were about to embark on a new phase of planned growth for the business. As a private sector healthcare business we at Affinity face some unusual challenges in our plans for revenue growth, not the least of which is the fact that our primary customer, the NHS is also our main competitor! BlueZoom began by helping us understand what the outstanding staff at Affinity really did for all of our customers, not just the patients we treated. This helped us move to a more solution-focussed approach based on helping the various levels of contact within the NHS see the real value of what we could do to help them deliver against the high standards of service that the NHS now demands.

Since February when we last worked with BlueZoom, the number of requests for our services from the NHS has increased noticeably, with record numbers being achieved on 5 occasions!

As Affinity moves into its next phase of exciting growth I am now looking at ways in which we can continue to involve BlueZoom in the business and help us grow even further.”

John Ward, Director, Affinity Healthcare

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Dassault Systems logo
” I would like to personally thank BlueZoom for the major contribution you have made to Delmia's Q4 recovery activity. Your help to provide the company with a professional sales process will be a major enabler in our task to grow and drive the business forward in 2004 and beyond.

With the help of BlueZoom, and with your support we will enter into 2004 with probably the finest and most effective sales process yet utilised in Delmia worldwide.

Looking forward to working with you in 2004 to build on the success already achieved.

Nigel Prue, Managing Director, Delmia UK Ltd

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Hire Strategies
As part of Hire Strategies dedication to working with the best business coaches to improve the overall quality of our customer delivery, I engaged Blue Zoom earlier this year.  The aim was to increase our overall sales pipeline and improve the size and type of deal that we were able to win from it.

After only a handful of sessions together I realised that the techniques they employ not only work, but work perhaps even more effectively than they appreciate!  In our short time together we have significantly increased the value of our pipeline whilst at the same time qualifying out many prospects that no longer fit with our ‘ideal opportunity’.  In addition our clients tell us that they can see a real difference in our ability to get to the heart of their issues, often helping them to think about their business in much greater breadth and depth, which in turn of course means we can help them achieve their own outcomes that much more effectively.

We are now working together on the next phase of our sales development to ensure we continue to make the most of the opportunities available in the future.

Peter Gold Managing Director, Hire Strategies

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T M I Foods Logo
“We were introduced to BlueZoom via our investors Aberdeen Murray Johnstone and I found their clear sales focus coupled with a flexible and non-prescriptive approach refreshing. At TMI Foods we were looking for significant growth this year and needed to ensure that our entire sales operation was performing at the level required to outperform the market. Through a combination of consulting, sales tool development, coaching and a very hands-on approach from BlueZoom we have seen sales recover from a slow start to the year to the stage where we now confidently expect to achieve this year’s sales targets. We are focussing hard on those opportunities we expect to provide the best return, we’ve got a firm grip of the activity required to achieve what we need and have even got used to saying no to business that doesn’t meet these needs!

I would recommend any business looking to improve their sales position and really make the most of the available opportunities to speak to BlueZoom today. They offer real value in terms of results delivered.”

David Abbott, Managing Director TMI Foods Ltd.

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Ardent Limited Logo
"In stark contrast to our previous experience of recruiting sales people, BlueZoom enabled us to fast track to someone we were genuinely confident would deliver results very quickly. We were spared the wasted time and effort associated with using the traditional recruitment route and were therefore able to concentrate on our core strengths and running the business."

Neil Crowther, Director and joint owner of Ardent Ltd

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Mining Communications logo
“Following a management buy-out in 2002 Mining Communications, which has been publishing the ‘voice of the mining industry’ since 1835, has undergone significant change in order to meet the challenges of today’s publishing world. To help us make the most of the opportunities represented by these changes we engaged BlueZoom, via our investors to ‘sharpen up’ our telephone-based sales operation and help us develop the tools, disciplines and structure that we knew would be necessary for sustainable success. After close on 30 years in publishing, I have often found sales training to be lacking, particularly for advertising sales staff and I was not initially convinced that Blue Zoom, who are not dedicated to ad sales, would be massively different.

I am pleased to say that they, who have an obvious passion for what they do - took my team and simply made them better at what they did. They unearthed their flaws and built on their strengths while bolstering the whole sales proposition. They’re good at extracting the best from the individuals and a team. And they will identify those who will make it on a team and those who won't.

As a result I am pleased to say we now have the sales team in place, properly equipped and managed to enable us to build on our key revenue streams and help our worldwide customer base optimise their marketing spend. We are now looking at ways of continuing our relationship with BlueZoom to improve the sales operation still further”

Rob Barrowman, Managing Director, Mining Communications Ltd.

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