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Bluezoom capabilities for Sales Skills Development
Defining the approach, planning and measuring the activity, enhancing the calibre and performance of your front-line people are fundamental to achieving consistent profitable results.

We have a flexible approach to working with all our clients; no two scenarios are the same and we focus on obtaining real results for your business. Our stepping stone map illustrates how we operate and is the basis from which we develop our tailored sales improvement initiatives for each individual client.

At a more granular level our input can include any or all of the following:

BlueZoom Activities

  • Clarification of sales strategy and value propositions
  • Understand the real issues underlying sales operations and make them more effective
  • Ensure that sales managers and teams have the required competencies and tools to plan and drive required activities.
  • Sales process review
  • Sales skills development and implementation within real world situations
  • 1:1 mentoring and coaching; removing barriers to change and enhancing personal performance
  • Hands on assistance with development, protection and penetration of key accounts
  • Work with senior management to develop changes to sales process in a planned and managed way
  • Sales force re-engineering from marketing to sales
  • Sales assessment centres

BlueZoom Deliverables

  • Increase sales order value
  • Improve margins by achieving higher sales prices
  • Bring clarity to the sales process
  • Refine, develop and implement sales process
  • Improve accuracy of sales forecasting
  • Improve the profitability of key accounts
  • Understand what you do best for your clients and build relevant sales propositions
  • Implement the required levels of key sales activities

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