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Approach to Sales Training and Management
BlueZoom are flexible, open and direct with a strong focus on delivering results for your organisation. Our real world sales experience combined with a pragmatic approach is solely aimed at delivering real value through increased sales

We start by gaining a thorough understanding of your key business objectives before making any recommendations. Considerable real-world experience has made us particularly adept at getting to grips with the sales elements of these, identifying those areas that are likely to provide quick wins first. We will always challenge the current sales strategy to understand:

  • What business are you really in?
  • What does an ideal prospect look like and where will you
    find them?
  • What have you got for them?
  • How are you different?
  • How will you prove that?

Selling in a competitive environment means more than just communicating the value of a product or service. We work with you to understand your key selling propositions and identify clients’ real needs and wants. Linking the two is the only way your clients will see the true value of a genuine solution and build lasting commitment. Conventional sales training of course can never fully address this key issue.

Following this we work with those responsible for managing the sales operation to plan, organise and implement the quantity, direction and quality of the sales activity necessary to achieve the required sales results. Firstly we work in tandem with your managers to prepare the necessary sales and sales management support tools. Then we help lead the planned activities in a genuine hands--on way to ensure they are implemented.

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