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sales performance outcomes defined
The full extent and potential implications of an organisation’s ‘sales gaps’ are not always apparent without expert help. You may feel that something isn’t quite right; you may know specifically what the symptoms are but be unable to identify the root cause.
Imagine the scenario:
  • Realistic revenue targets that are consistently achieved
  • Sales forecasting that is accurate and doesn’t rely on the next big deal
  • Sales ratios that are measured, managed and see regular improvement
  • Carefully targeted and fully qualified sales effort every time
  • Committed, effective sales staff that stay with the business
  • Improved capability of all customer-facing people to drill down to your customers’ genuine desired outcomes
  • On the odd occasion that discounts are granted they have to be prised from the sales person and are rarely, if ever repeated
  • A sales force with a credible reputation to deliver ongoing and profitable repeat business

None of the above is as unrealistic as you might have been led to believe.

However we know from experience that reaching for the sales or management training manual is unlikely to deliver the type of sales and performance improvement necessary to create the type of sustainable competitive advantage outlined above.

If you think your sales operation needs to change before it exhibits any or all of the above characteristics then we should be talking.

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